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A MG owner told his Magnette specialist friend about this car, so off to inspect a car,  pre-purchase, and this California rust free example was pulled from the garage.

Millicent is the original owner, and finally decided to part with her Magnette (MG with 4 doors)

My first impression was how absolutely complete and unmolested the car was. Little “Magnette” details like the clock were still there, the very special rear view mirror, the beautiful MG-octagoned intake manifold, all the wood trim was intact. But, I was there to look for rust. I looked, and I looked. Just like the A’s most of us are familiar with, there are just places where you absolutely know there is rust on a Magnette—stills, bottom of doors, bottom of spare tire “well”, boot floor, wheel wells, “dog leg” areas by all fenders, lower sections of fenders, etc. I checked ‘em all. Totally rust free. I couldn’t believe it! The bottom of the car is clean—not really even surface rust. 

with the original Bill of Sale, the original Owner’s Manual, the original factory warranty from Nuffield, and lots of other history

the Magnette is a rare beast, and going to a new good home of MG lovers. I was hoping that the article would say how long the car had been off the road, but it doens't. Just that the engine was removed, and the car was on blocks

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