How much of a (pre1976) gear head car guy are you? I'm not testing you, just offering these for your use (but don't email me the answers! I know them already!)

What cars were factory Super Stockers in the 1960's drag racing wars? (Made by GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC... and factory built only to drag race, sometimes not street legal in any way)

 I don't know anyone (I know they are out there, but I don't have them on the phone to ask for a helping hand to edit this) 
who knows more about all of the vast car world in general (versus hot rod or sports car fanatics for example)
than I do (I am not a specialist
because I'm just a car guy 
(like I say in this website title)

 with a passion for all things with wheels and have learned a friggin ton about all makes and models, from all countries and eras. So there are some errors in semantics, writing, and use of the English language following... 

And I seemed to have irritated all the HAMBers by coming across as a know it all that doesn't/hasn't worked on any cars. Only one realized I was asking for help, not challenging them to a pissing contest. Of course, they shut off the thread in 9 hours flat from the time they started commenting on it,  before I got online today, where I could have explained that my linguistic skills are so poor that my miscommunication of asking for their help to make this set of questions was my fault, and now I am unable to clarify to them that I went to them for help in making a fun/enjoyable test where the questions weren't redundant, vague, misleading. They didn't seem to understand the words "help please" when I asked for editting assistance

but I hope you enjoy this challenge, and maybe win a bet among your friends as to who knows more about cars.

I've tried not to drift into obscure things like option codes, COPO cars, designers, one off unique prototypes, etc

So I apologize for coming off as a know it all, and offending so many of you , because I simply am not fluent enough to communicate that this was intended as a fun test, not a presumptuous / pretentious challenge from me to you. 

I don't have anyone with more knowledge about pre-1976 cars in general to fall back on as a 2nd checker,  to proofread this test for the correct way to form the question without being to vague,
and questions that a regular car guy wouldn't have a chance of knowing. 

If you are that guru of the car guy world, PLEASE email me and help me make this test better! 

What models of Chevys came with a base and a Super Sport option?

How many cars were pickup bed versions of a normal car (example El Camino and Chevelle) can you name? Not including Austalian cars.

What were the 1970 high impact colors for Mopars?

How many car companies can you name from Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Great Britains countries (you know, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland ) The USA, and Australia?

What were the Canadian car model names of the GM (Pontiac, Chevrolet, and Buick) cars? Hint, there were 4 that I know of... and one was available in a convertible that was never available in the USA model that it was identical to.

What were the Canadian Chrysler cars (and one truck) model names? There are 8 that I know of.

How many dead car companies from America can you name?

How many AMC models can you name?

What models did Chevy have that started with the letter C?

Who patented the car, and legally forced all the big car companies to pay him a licensing fee until Ford fought lawsuits with appeals, because it was cutting into profits too much?

What company had the first modern mass production line?

Who made the Jeep prototype for the government contract but wasn't really able to produce it in numbers that the US govt needed to supply the Army in WW2?

What are the most famous car companies to make aircraft engines?

What is the last and only independant car company in England?

What were the three cars to be made in America that are synonymous with ugly?

What cars did Hurst get their name on through ventures with the big corporations?

What cars had a Shelby valve covers from the factory or dealership, and or Shelby badging on the outside of the car?

How many companies can you name that made bodies for car companies like Packard, Duesenburg, Cadillac, etc ?

What companies merged to become American Motor Corporation?

What car had the most options in the 1960's?

What cars had hood scoops, and which Mopar is a glaringly obvious model that didn't?

What Mopars came with 3 two barrels?

what caused them to name the Buick model, the Century?

What cars raced in the 1st New York to Paris?

What cars raced in the 1st Paris to Beijing?

What mid or rear engined cars can you name?

How many custom Mustang and Corvette companies can you name? (not parts suppliers... I mean companies that take factory cars, and made them faster or better handling or both, and stamped their name on them, like Saleen)

What are ARDUN heads, Clifford intakes,  6 pack carbs, Gurney Eagles, side oilers

How many carburetor companies can you name?

How many camshaft companies can you name?

Where would you find a Dana 60, a 9 inch, and a 12 bolt?

2 car parts are known as banjos, what are they?

Who invented the fuel log?

What car part did Nicola Tesla patent?

How many transmissions can you name?

What are sprints and midgets?

What 12 race did Steve McQueen enter in 1970?

What race car is Steve McQueen most commonly associated with?

What was the rarest car Steve McQueen owned?


What are the following people famous for?
Ed Cole, Ed Roth, Ed Winfield, Barney Oldfield, Barney Navarro, Wally Parks, Norm Grabowski,

Name the land speed record setting cars (not jet engine cars, piston powered)

Name land speed record setting drivers

Name land speed racing locations

Name the hot rodders 1940's dry lakes, there are at least 4

Who made the Dude and the Demon?

How many Chevy car models that came with a Super Sport option level can you name?

Name the most famous engine builders of Hemi's

Who is the Snake, the Mongoose, the Professor?

What cars came from the factory with flat black hoods?

What cars did Hurst collaborate on and get the Hurst name on?

What were the high impact Mopar colors of 1970?

Name the Aero war cars of 1968-1971 that were developed to get more Nascar victories and sold to the public only because of the homologation rule?

Name the after market shifter companies

What Super Stock cars can you name?

What was the sister car to the Torino Talledaga?

What were the AMC "X" car models?

What was the last of the muscle cars in the 1970's?

What 4 car companies comprised Auto Union, represented by the 4 rings

What cars came from Mopar with the 426 hemi?

What cars did Shelby put engines in or his name on?

Name at least 6 types of rims, not rim making companies

When did the big 3 switch from generators to alternators?

What car company made the Jeep prototype, but who built them in numbers needed for WW2?

What was the Jeep truck model named?

When vinyl tops were options, what was the point of getting your car optioned with one?

What were the big blocks in the 65-75 muscle cars years from the big 3?

What were the AMC v-8s sizes?

What was the biggest of the muscle car v-8s? Hint, smaller than the 460 truck engine

Which cars had stripes on the nose or tail?

Cars had the engine sizes indicated with numbers on the outside of the car in many ways... how many can you name? Stickers are a way, not a type. Mopar had at least 2 stickers with specific names that gave the engine size.

Who made "the Machine"?

Name the awesome muscle car era car dealerships you would go to to get the fastest cars

How many VW models can you name, pre 1971?

What company did Ford have build the Boss 429 Mustangs?

Who put together the ZL1 Camaros?

What is a UTE?

What cars came from the factory with dual quads?

What is the give away in the Mopar engine bay that you would look for to indicate a track pack optioned car?

Where was the name "Camaro" claimed by Chevrolet to have come from?

Who made the Delmont, Beaumont, Wildcat, Cyclone, Biscayne?

What did a Mustang GT-A come with?

What was Briggs Cunningham known for? Art Arfons? The Blastolene Brothers? Mad Man Muntz? Frank Kurtis?

Who were the Drag Masters?

What was the Wagon Master?

What was the Candymatic?

What cars came factory optioned with the Boss 302, Boss 429, ZL1?

What is a mountain motor?

What was the Rent a Racer?

What was the famous Alabama state trooper car?

How many supercharger manufacturers can you name?

Name the 2 seater sports cars made in america, before 1971. Not kit cars.

The top of the line Cougar was called the ? Coronet? Mustang? Charger? Road Runner? Maverick?

What cars have had a retro comeback? (A modern remake design in the past decade or two because the car companies are too stupid to innovate anything interesting)

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