A990 superstock Plymouth trivia

 above photo from http://draglist.smugmug.com/Drag-Racing/2010-York-Musclecar-Madness/12886056_HLL43/3/930442314_XDG4d#!i=930442314&k=XDG4d
above photo from http://stores.ultimatediecastmusclecars.com/Detail.bok?no=55

the trivia.. this was one of only 3 A990 known to still exist with a 4 speed, 833 trans

It was the winner of the (Tulsa Oklahoma )World Nationals in 1967.. and was 2 years old. Obsolete by most opinions of drag racers, but beat the factory racers in the newest lightweight cars, with the newest most expensive trick parts. Grumpy Jenkins, Sox and Martin, etc etc etc were not the champs in 1967, it was a couple guys you've never heard of in a 2 year old car that was getting by on pity parts from friends and fans, Like George Hurst who gave them a shifterand line lock, and they won the largest purse to that point for Super Stock  $10,000

Learned about this story in the Oct 2012 Mopar Muscle magazine

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