Help with removing Blue Link pop up from my audio-visual screen every time I turn on my Veloster


No one at any dealership, online forum, Hyundai think tank, Customer service, etc etc etc has any clue how to get the pop up out of my car, off my AV screen, and I'm fed up.

I don't want it, didn't ask for it, refuse to ever get Blue Link, and want to see the radio I paid for, the XM I pay for, the information my AV screen is designed to display.

Am I the one who is without a clue? Do I not understand something? Did I upset the gods and am forced to be irritated by a pop up in my CAR? 

Anyone at Consumer Affairs give a iota of interest that a car that Hyundai makes has a feature that Hyundai doesn't, and irritates the customer that is paying for a Hyundai? 

I'm escalating my screams for attention, I haven't gotten anywhere by asking politely. 

Do you respond to polite? Do you respond to the press giving you bad publicity? Let me know, or don't. One way or another, every time I turn on my car I get reminded that I need to do more than my previous efforts to have a focused effort to remove Blue Link from my car... MY CAR, not your web site, not your car, not your web page. MY CAR.


Hyundai Dealerships in southern California closest to me
Frank Motors in Chula Vista
Drew in El Cajon
Kearney Mesa
Heller of Escondido
North County of Carlsbad
Gosch in Hemet
Allen in Laguna Nigel
Hyundai Design and Engineering American Tech Center in Irvine

if nothing else works, I'll see if stopping by to do a story on this issue has any effect
18335 Mount Langley Street, Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 378-5135 ‎ ·
10550 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 965-3000 ‎ ·

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