Gran Prix by James Garner

the racing scenes are magnificent

one of the characters in the movie lives or stays at some place that has these representations of the race tracks in the Gran Prix circuit on the 2 storey wall in the staircase

below is the scene where James Garner's character drives some other characters wife home

 Naturally beautiful woman, Jessica Walter

 Hertz Shelby GT350 Mustang that James Garner's character drove as a commuter

below are examples of the multiple uses that VW vans were used for in the 60's... they were used for everything, advertising signboards, mobile mechanics tool boxes,

 this mobile gas station seems to be a converted bus

 more great cinematography

Now to the making of
 cool 1960's French helicopter, an Alouette

director Frankenheimer was a amatuer racer, Ferrari fan
James Garner was in the Carroll Shelby school of race car driving for a couple weeks, and Bob Bondurant was his personal trainer. Lucky!

a real GT 40 was used as a camera car. I've posted photos of this in the archives, and can't find them

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