a unique look at automotive design, the French car of 1934, Avions Voisin Aerodyne from the Mullin Museum

 Notice the roof is slightly slid back to let just the front seats get the sun

this Paul Poiret fabric interior is not unique among Avoins Voisin, the pink is from the C14 Charte posted on http://southsiders-mc.blogspot.fr/2010/02/avions-voisin-c14-chartre.html

this sliding roof with multiple windows... never seen anything like it

If you are interested in the unusual, the French, and the Voisin cars... strap in, and check out the fantastic variety and unique appearance of every single car I've posted that they've made. Nothing in common. No one has that much style anymore http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/search/label/Avoin%20Voisin

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