Did you hear about the Ferrari on the Great Wall Of China? Huge problem when a hot head did a burn out ... so embarrased were Ferrari company officials, they publically apologized that a car they made, not drove, not owned, not endorsing this use of, BUT MADE... was dishonoring the Chinese national monument. That is a respectable thing to do

It was a publicity moment, the 20th anniversary of Ferrari's being allowed to sell in China. A dealership employee, not a Ferrari employee, so disgraced the Ferrari name in making tire tracks on the wall, that Ferrari company reps made an apology for the act of disrespect.

Wow, that is a class move by Ferrari. I hope China responded in respect and allowed that a manufacturer is not responsible for the users of a car, just for the quality of it's build. How Chinese citizens use cars is the realm of China's responsibility.Where cars are allowed to operate, how they attain the elevated top of the wall (by a crane) and what elected or appointed person gives the approval for a car on the wall... these are all the problems of a country, not a car maker.

Ferrari... classy way to handle this event
China... I don't know how they responded to Ferrari's PR

Learned about this on http://www.tripsandturns.com/2012/05/ferrari-burning-rubber-in-nanjing/

full story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-18006291 but if you watch the video, you'll get all the same info

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