New Ferrari Cars, Model Cars Ferrari, Ferrari FXX Evolution Models

New Ferrari Cars, Model Cars Ferrari, Ferrari FXX Evolution Models


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FerrariThe innovative FXX program, the eponymous prototype car and launched by Ferrari in June 2005, is being extended to 2008/2009. The FXXs equipped with this package will also sport new uniforms in addition to new rear wing profiles. Maranello's engineers studied a lot of the information gathered to develop a kit which will cut the FXX's Fiorano lap time to under 1'16''(previously it 1'18''). 6262 cc V12 engine can now punch FXX out of 860 bhp at 9500 rpm.
The FXX's special 19 "Bridgestone tires are now longer too thanks to a new car setup and new front suspension geometry, while the Brembo brakes, which boast large Composite Ceramic Material (CCM) discs, more efficient with the result that the brake pads last Thank you for twice as long . The active front spoiler control system settings have been adjusted to take these changes into account too New monitoring. From next year onwards, it will be possible for drivers to have two extra video cameras mounted on their car in addition the existing rear-facing one. All of that gives drivers excellent rear visibility without having to violate in any way about the ferrari car aerodynamics.
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