I just learned there is a Pierre Cardin AMX registry website

After I posted this 401 AMX  in a gallery http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2012/09/pierre-cardin-edition-of-401-amx-just.html , Ryan left a comment (Don't do that unless you add your email for Pete's sake, if you ask a question, I can't answer it without your email) and let me know about a Pierre Cardin AMX Registry http://cardinjavelin.com/gallery.html

Further, the webmaster added the info about the AMC time in Costa Rica ... with a website, http://amc.co.cr/   (and it has a fantastic complete list of AMC prototypes) and who knew that AMC and Toyota... under the same franchisee, the same distributors, they shared the same assembly plant.

 This began under the company H.T. Purdy, which soon became Purdy Motors, which still represents Toyota, and is probably the largest dealer in the country today. 

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