GQ magazine is printing nonsense

30. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT. Every girlfriend I've ever had has the same two complaints about me: I'm not totally in touch with my feelings, and I can't drive a stick shift. I'm still working on the former, but I'm giving up on the latter. Because, seriously: Who cares? People tell you that a manual transmission makes you feel more in control of the car, more "at one" with the machine. I'm sure that's a neat sensation in a Bugatti. But I don't need to be more "at one" with a piece-of-shit Subaru. Not knowing how to drive a stick shift is one of those things that seem like a big deal when you're young but turn out to be pretty meaningless when you're older. Like trigonometry or Christmas.—Jason Gay 

 31. BLOG. Your audience at the company cafeteria is bigger than what you'll have on the Internet.

from the top 50 things in the GQ article "50 Things a Man Does NOT Need to Learn to Do"

you have likely figured out I think this is nonsense

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