The Briggs Cunningham 1960 Le Mans Corvette #1 has been found, and will be displayed at this months Corvettes at Carlisle

Le Mans, June 1960: The Cunningham Corvettes
 of Cunningham/Kimberly (#1),
 Thompson/Windridge (#2),
 and Fitch/Grossman(#3)

#2 is now owned by Bruce Meyers, #3 is owned by Lance Miller

you might remember the gallery I just posted of the number 2,

Why is this news? Kevin Mackay has been searching for years, and had it tracked to Florida in 1974, and that was the last anyone had info about it.

It turned up in a warehouse with cars and furniture, in Florida, and covered in dust, which is how we're told it will be displayed at Carlisle.

"was found sitting in the middle of one of two warehouses in Florida that were filled with cars, parts and furniture. Decades earlier, the car had been rescued from a Florida scrap yard by the warehouse owner's father.
When discovered, the Corvette was covered in dust--a real “barn find.” The new owner plans to display the car in this condition at the Carlisle event, Berman says, before launching the restoration"
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for everything you could want to know about these Cunningham Corvettes:

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