Jeff Dunham... Batmobile fan and owner of a Batman Returns version, plus a Barris customized Smart car made to look like a Batmobile

 Here in the above image he was on the Comic Con panel discussing the Batmobile and the 20 minute documentary that I suppose will be part of the new Batman movie dvd and blue ray extras
what the inside looks like from a you tube video

the last two images are from USA Today

in the following video you see most of the Batmobiles getting staged downtown San Diego for the short 10 block drive to the convention center where they were displayed during Comic Con. The amazing part is that it was at a wide open public area where no ticket or pass was required.

they all got together at the Burbank area Bob's Big Boy partly because of a Make a Wish foundation situation, and partly for the upcoming documentary I mentioned in the beginning of this post. I think that driving these on public roads is likely a thrill for the owers who bought cars that aren't street legal (headlights, tail lights, bumpers, smog, etc etc here in California) and rarely get to drive them... plus to get to drive them with other Batmobiles, that has to be a cool feeling. Small number of people in the Batmobile owners club

If you want to learn more about the Batmobiles, check out 

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