Disney California Adventure (in Anaheim, just south of Los Angeles) is a full day of cool stuff for car guys

 the first thing I noticed was Mickey and Minnie and a flying contraption. This is a good indication that a car guy was part of the design team

 I only found these two tile art pieces

 wow. Rocket stuff. This is in the Pilots Grill.

 Way cool... for the backstory of Condor Flats http://disneyology.blogspot.com/2010/05/backstories-condor-flats.html
 Even the walking area through this section is theme correct, painted like runways, the area in front is runway 30
 I thought it was just a cool looking rocket engine...
 but its fogging out water to cool off anyone who knows how good some evaporating water feels on a 80 something degree day in the sun is

 with a great sign

 Soarin' over California is a must... you might wait 20-30 minutes in line, and the ride is about 5 minutes I guess, but if you don't have a height or flying phobia, this is awesome. The closest thing to being in a glider plane, or riding a paraglider you'll even have the thrill to experience. It's all part of the Disney California Adventure park, no extra costs for these rides.
 Sorry for the fuzzy shots... my camera isn't coping well with low light, but the above memorializes some iconic aircraft like the P38, the P51, the Flying Wing....
 down the walkway are many photos and cool items from airplanes

 Above, the 1927 Lockheed Vega. Beautiful design
 Above, the 1883 Gull Glider. Flown from the cliffs just North of LaJolla, at what is now the glider port, next to the golf course that hosts the PGA invitational tournament every January. It used to be the Buick invitational, and Tiger Woods used to play there every year. Anyway, the glider port is

to learn more about the Disney California Adventure, I strongly recommend that you look through http://land.allears.net/blogs/lauragilbreath/2012/05/ready_disney_california_advent_2.html and plan if you want to see the most character and street performers

you can learn a lot from bloggers about the Disney theme parks, like the hotels, discounts, etc etc from people like me that just share information so you can have a better idea of what to expect, where to look for stuff, and what we found most interesting or fun...

http://pixiepranks-panstinkerbell.blogspot.com/ has a lot of that

 http://disneyology.blogspot.com/ gets into more intellectual things like how things are named, backstories to rides, stats like heights, and the variety of Disney parks, like Disneyland, Disney World, Euro Disney, and Disney Sea. I've never heard of that one before. Plus these blogs are loaded with photos, links to other Disney bloggers... good stuff!

 Above is what the parking pass looks like, and you might park anywhere in the area for all I know, but to park in the HUGE parking structure at Disney Land costs 15 dollars, and they take cash or credit card.,

What is very cool is that the top of the ticket they hand you can be marked with the area you are parked in, and then you'll be able to remember where to find your car much easier! I recommend the most Eastern area (smallest numbers) of the garage... you won't have to walk as far to find the escalator down to the trams, etc etc. This is the biggest parking garage I've ever seen. Serious. You can drive from one end to the other in about a minute, at about 10 mph. That is a lonnnngggg way to walk before you get to the park, and after you leave.
here are the trams... compressed natural gas powered. No exhaust fumes at all. No noise. Very cool. 

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