Disney California Adventure brings back electric street cars in it's Hollywood Land street to Cathay Circle, two street cars, the 623 and the 717

the cars are based on the original Pacific Electric Railroad cars but are brand new and they are actually battery powered (so all the overhead wires are just set dressing). Their numbers are 623 (for 1923, the year Walt arrived in LA) and 717 (for the 7/17/55 opening day of Disneyland).

For more information about this street show: http://pixiepranks-panstinkerbell.blogspot.com/2012/06/5-dime-and-red-car-news-boys.html

For more information about this newly redesigned and upgraded Disney California Adventure themepark : http://land.allears.net/blogs/lauragilbreath/2012/05/ready_disney_california_advent_2.html

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