has a good variety of cool stuff!

 Above, the  2563 cu in Packard - Bentley
Below, the 2807 cu in BMW Brutus
Both were in the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire, UK from June 15 to 17

this '74 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is in the 7's

Above, Mean Green Volvo Hybrid beat the Ferrari to the finish line

this GT40 mkII with a Holman Moody 427 was ordered by Shelby American, placed 2nd in the 12 hour Sebring in 66, DNF'd at LeMans and was driven by Mark Donohue in both. It then went on the show circuit, before getting stored at Holman Moody until '70 when it went to the Indy Speedway Museum. Effectively, it's been raced hard and put away, without being street driven, ever.

Baldwin Motion Phase 3 73 Camaro... M22 and Hone OD, with 5.13 gears

Epitome of sleeper, a Biscayne. The Baldwin Motion Street Racer's Special 427 Biscayne to be precise
11 to 1 427,

Miss America VIII, and it's twin Harry Miller V16's. Just 1113 cu in apiece. They were supercharged when installed to set unlimited water speed records in 1933. About 1800 hp each.

the Hagerty magazine Fall 2012 issue has a 6 page write up about it

ain't that a cool variety? Hell yes.

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