porsche vs ferrari

Porsche vs Ferrari

                                                     Duel of porsche vs ferrari

Porsche and Ferrari's German and Italian sides of the same coin, interpretations of the idea of ​​a sports car. Both were founded by a dominant patriarch, both honed in racing, both more than 50 years, both with engineering and styling integrity. We have decided to compare the methodical Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and the passionate Ferrari F430 because both of them astonish with their performance when trying to maintain a reasonable amount of practicality but do not pretend to be anything other than sports car. There is no other way to choose between two phenomenal cars. What started as impressive are lightning fast Ferrari 4-second 0-100km / h acceleration and thrilling. With acceleration performance, comes naturally to both cars to excel in the braking. Both cars offer optional ceramic discs to stop the tire
. The Carrera 4S is a typical Porsche, despite the new proportions. This is a great looking car, such as 911 others but for some styling no longer creates the jaw dropping reaction that the Ferrari F430. Ferrari F430 takes your breath away with his performance, super car title goes to the Porsche Carrera 4S with a more complete all round package.
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