Peugeot New Car Battery Power: ion "Zero Emissions"

Peugeot New Car Battery Power: ion "Zero Emissions"

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Peugeot, a pioneer and a worldwide manufacturer of electric vehicles will be launched at the end of 2010 ions. Lithium-ion batteries that will provide an efficient response to the challenges of urban mobility and respect for the environment. With ions, which will be presented to the world for the 1st time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Peugeot is the latest automotive edition incorporates into its various models. With 106 produced between 1995, and 2003, Peugeot, electric vehicle pioneer, remains to this day the manufacturer has sold the most "zero-emission" cars in the world.
Electric vehicle was developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), intended for retail and fleet customers (government, local organizations and large corporations, etc.) specifications tempo that is suitable for use in urban environments.
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