New Peugeot 508 2011

New Peugeot 508 2011

                                               New Peugeot 508 2011 black

New Peugeot 508 benefits from a clear-bodied machine is positioned in their category in the performance agreement and responsive, but the extra ammo to burn and emissions CO2.Mobil this will accommodate the accurate settings new e-HDi (new-generation Stop & Start with great driveability and economics). A few months after launch, HYbrid4 technology, with its 147 kW (200 bhp) and the potential for all-wheel-drive. with the number of outs emissions 99 g / km of CO2 (or anything else in electric mode). Enjoyment additional active agent, which was admired by Marque abstraction, so the delay set-up has been optimized to ensure both the level of abundance of air and holds the world record peugeot 2011.
                                                     New Peugeot 508 2011 red
                                                       New Peugeot 2011 black

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